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Posted on Sep 19th, 2016
Date: 19 September 2016
To:          Homeowners of The Ridings at Uwchlan
RE: Board transition update
The Board of Directors is sending this note to update the Members of the Ridings at Uwchlan Home Owners Association on the status of the 2016 Election process.
In July, a group of four unit owners contacted the HOA Board and asked that the Board conduct an Annual meeting and hold elections.  At this time, Bill Holz and Brett Barnello expressed their desire to resign from the board as soon as suitable replacements were identified. 
The Board met with two members of this group on August 4, 2016 to discuss the election process.  During this meeting it was agreed by all that we would only expend HOA resources to hold an election if we had enough candidates to require an election.  We also agreed that members of this group would not interfere in the election process since most of them were planning to become candidates.  Finally, with the hope that we would get more candidates, we agreed that the nomination period would expire the last day of August 2016.
On August 24, 2016, members of the group were witnessed placing flyers in all residents' mailboxes.  These flyers were anonymous, but made to appear as if they were official election notices.  This was unlawful, inappropriate, and not approved by the HOA.  As a reminder, the Ridings Homeowners Association will only legally send postage-paid mail through the USPS, and it will be on Ridings at Uwchlan HOA letterhead.  Email will only be sent from    This is the only official email address of the HOA.   If you receive communication by any other means, it is unofficial and should be disregarded.
On September 1, 2016 we had a total of six candidates for board positions representing only four units in our ninety-five unit association.  To avoid further delays and additional expenses, the board asked the six candidates to identify five people who would serve on the board.  Therefore, removing the need to hold an election simply to eliminate one candidate.  The board also agreed that it did not make sense to have the outgoing board hold an annual meeting.  It would be much better for the new board to conduct this meeting as these are the people who have to address any concerns raised at the meeting.
On September 12 2016, the board was informed that the group had made a decision not to hold the election and identified who they would like to have appointed to the board.  Per SECTION 5.04 of the association bylaws, where directors have stated that they wish to resign as soon as suitable replacements are identified the association bylaws only permit the board, including the outgoing directors, to appoint replacements for each position being resigned. 
To expedite the transition, the board met on 18 September 2016 and made the following appointments:
  • Carolyn Ganzelli, President
  • Michael Kolinsky, Treasurer
  • Natalie Lawton, Secretary
The newly appointed board can then decide whether or not they want to hold elections or simply  appoint the remaining board members as is their prerogative.
Transition activities will begin immediately.  For further details you can read the meeting minutes on the HOA website.
Finally, Bill, Brett and Bela would like to thank the members of the association for all of their support over many years.  As the outgoing board, we are committed to quickly completing the transition so that the new board can move forward as soon as possible. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bill, Brett or Bela.
The Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors, The Ridings at Uwchlan
Bill Holz, President
Brett Barnello, Treasurer
Bela Vora, Director/Trustee



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