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Our community website was developed by The Ridings at Uwchlan to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ News ~
Posted on Mar 13th, 2017
The 2017 Dues should be remitted by 4/1/17 to:
The Ridings at Uwchlan
c/o Carolyn Ganzelli
598 Charles Drive
Downingtown, PA 19335
Dues payments received by 4/1/17 - $175
Dues payments received after 4/1/17 - $275
Spring Newsletter
Posted on Mar 13th, 2017
Read about the latest Ridings News and important updates.  The Spring Newsletter has been sent via email and can also be found in the navigation menu to the left under the Documents tab!  Happy Spring!
Winter Update
Posted on Dec 6th, 2016
Holiday Greetings from your Volunteer Homeowners Association Board!
Since our last meeting in October, we would like to update you on several accomplishments in our neighborhood over the past couple of months:
As you may have noticed, many of the dead trees have been removed from our main entrance.  We will see how the weather cooperates with the removal of the remainder of those partially alive and if they survive the winter.  Two new trees have been planted.
Two large dead trees in our common area behind two homes that were in danger of falling were removed last month as well.
We have contracted with Brogan Landscaping to remove snow in common areas, sidewalks in common areas and at each and every corner.  If you have a sidewalk, it is required by Township ordinance to be cleared within 12 hours of a completed snow storm.  This is not only a rule of Uwchlan Township but a safety consideration to our neighbors.
The white fencing of our entranceway has now been uncovered of overgrown vegetation and will be power washed shortly.
The retention pond on Wagon Trail has been cleared and the fencing has been repaired.
Uwchlan Police have been and will continue to monitor speed through our neighborhood as well as school bus safety.  See the HOA website for further information.
In order to have extra funds towards other proposed projects in our neighborhood, we will be closing the post office box in Exton and saving the HOA approximately $400 annually.  All vendor invoices going forward will be remitted to the HOA via email, and our HOA email address will be the primary communication vehicle for vendors and neighbors.  If you should need to contact the Board via hard copy of anything including architectural requests, it may be sent or delivered to 598 Charles Drive, but sending via the HOA email address noted below is preferable.  
Our neighborhood luminaries will be delivered to each home soon!  Instructions for placing them outside your home will be attached to your bag.
We have been advised by the Township that the solar light at Charles Martin Park will be repaired as soon as the replacement part comes in. 
As noted in our General Meeting minutes of 10/23/16 as contained on our HOA website, our By-Laws have been formally amended to institute a one-time $600 capital contribution on all homes purchased in our development effective immediately, payable by the buyer.   A capital contribution by incoming homeowners is a very common and standard practice by all HOAs, providing a critical source of capital repair funding.
On a lighter note, the blue sofa was removed from the HOA common area behind the homes at Wagon Trail and Pony Circle.  How it got there more than two years ago remains a mystery.
We would like to wish you all a wonderful, safe, healthy and prosperous new year.  If you ever need anything, please contact us via email at: 
Carolyn, Kim, Natalie, Missy and Mike---HOA Volunteer Board
Happy Winter!
Speeding in Neighborhood
Posted on Nov 22nd, 2016
Hello Neighbors:
Here is the update for the speeding situation in the Ridings. Uwchlan Police have been in the neighborhood for a few weeks now surveying for speed and school bus issues. The average speed is between 25 and 30, according to their radar, sometimes lower, and does not warrant speed limit signs, according to them. As far as the school bus stop at Canter and Wagon Trail, there is a police report now on file, which one of the surveying Police Officers filed, which will hopefully be an eye opener for the bus company to move that stop to a safer area for the children. If anyone has any concerns, please call Sergeant Alexander directly. Uwchlan police want to stay informed.
On another note, each and every corner in our neighborhood will be either shoveled or plowed by Brogan, our neighborhood landscaper this year. We need to keep all of our bus stops clear and safe for the kids and safe for our walking neighbors too!


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